Grade 1 - Missy Halamicek




 We are almost ready for 2nd Grade.  This is a super group of kids.  I will miss them!

HELLO and WELCOME to First Grade.  We are going to have a GREAT year.  I am very glad you are coming to learn with us at Sacred Heart School.  We will meet each morning at 7:50 in the cafeteria for opening announcements, prayers and songs.  We will go to our room at 8:10 and start our day with reading activities. 



Schedule 2017-2018


Mrs. Halamicek's Schedule for 2017-2018

7:50-8:10        Opening in the cafeteria-prayers, pledges and songs

8:10-9:30         Language Arts/Reading 

9:30-9:45        Recess and Snacks

9:45-10:15        Phonics

10:15-11:00       Math

11:00-11:30        P.E.

11:35-12:15        Lunch/Recess

12:15-12:45       Daily Math Problems

12:45-1:15         Music or Computer Lab 

1:15-1:45            Religion    

1:45-2:30          Science or Social Studies

2:30-2:50          Spelling

2:50-3:00          Handwriting

3:00-3:15           Copy Homework, Clean and Read to Class

3:15-3:20          Prayers and Dismissal          


Homework  Information

We will have homework each night Monday-Thursday.  Please check their homework folder each day to see their behavior color and sign their folder each night.  We will have weekly spelling tests.  Look for their new list and practice spelling tests each Monday.

Behavior Chart Colors

Green - I had a great day!

Yellow- I have a warning.

Red- I have a Time Out to think about my actions.

Black-  I will write a note home about my behavior.

I will begin on GREEN each day.

I will pull my card if I forget my homework.