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My gosh, how the time has flown!  We are almost at the end of the first nine weeks!  The students have done a marvelous job of acclimating to this new school year with its many changes and expectations.  I am so pleased with their progress, and so enjoy working with them.  Their joy and excitement for learning and smiling faces are the highpoint of my day!  


This next couple of weeks will be a very busy time in Language Arts and Reading.  We are finishing up our Jake Drake novel this week, so next week we will begin working on our novel project!  The students will be designing and making a student activity book to share with their classmates and with the other third graders in Mrs. O's room.  They are in charge of deciding which activities are to be included in their books.  However, the books must meet the criteria I have set forth.  Each book must have a variety of vocabulary activities which use the vocabulary from the Jake Drake novel.  It must also include some story element activities such as a story map or some story questions that can be answered.  The students must also design a folder-type game which matches either words to meanings or drawing conclusions multiple choices to correct responses.  The books will be designed and made in our classroom or in the computer lab as appropriate.

We will also begin our Spooky!! unit.  We will be reading a small variety of children-appropriate "spooky" stories.  This unit culminates in writing their own ghost story!  I can't wait to see what they write about!  

3rd Grade Homeroom Schedule:

8:15-9:55 Reading/ELA 113
9:55-10:15 Recess  
10:15-10:45 Religion 118
10:45-11:15 Music/Computer Music Room/ Lab
11:15-11:45 Tutorial time/Spelling 113
11:50-12:35 Lunch/Recess  
12:40-1:35 Math 104
1:35-2:15 Science/Social Studies 104
2:15-2:45 P.E. Gym
2:45-3:05 Science/ Social Studies 104


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