Grade 6 - Cathy Zingelmann

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Math, Science & Social Studies 6/Math & Science 5/    

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Conference periods 9:00-10:10




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                        6th Grade Schedule 

                                                                       8:15 – 9:00            Math

                                     9:00 - 9:40             Band/Physical Education(Mrs. Keilers)

                                     9:40 -10:10            Music(Mr. Kirby)/Computer(Mrs. Foster)

                                   10:10 - 10:55           Science 

                                   10:55 - 11:40           Social Studies

                                   11:40 - 12:10           Religion(Mrs. Weiman)

                                   12:10 – 12:55           Lunch/Recess

                                   12:55 - 1:55             Language Arts(Mrs. Burgess)

                                     1:55 - 2:25             Reading(Mrs. Burgess)

                                     2:25 – 2:40            Recess

                                     2:40 - 3:15             Reading(Mrs. Burgess)

                                     3:15 -  3:20            Prepare for dismissal


Please read the 6th grade letter for all information concerning binders, student planner, homework, EZ's, lunch detentions, and U.I.L/PSIA. 

6th Grade- The students will have a short quiz after each lesson in Math and Science.  It will be a review of the lesson just finished. There will be anywhere from 3 to 6 questions. They are encouraged to bring home their Science textbook to read the lesson over each night. They will also have a Vocabulary Test after each lesson beginning with Chapter 2.


Teacher Info:  I have been teaching at Sacred Heart School for 37 years.  I have 3 children who all attended school here.  I have one son, Craig, and two daughters, Candice, who is married to Tiger Hall, and Courtney.  I  have two grandsons, Kadyn, who is 11,and Kallyn, who just turned 3. I also have a  granddaughter, Scarlett, who is 13 months old.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13