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Mrs. Chris Kosler

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K-6 Library Hours

The library is open for student use from 8:00 A.M. until 3:45 P.M. daily.


Library Schedule

Each class including Pre-K 3 and Pre-K4  have a weekly scheduled time for coming to the library.  The K-6 classes have 30 minutes and Pre-K 3 has 15 minutes and Pre-K 4 has 20 minutes weekly at the library.


Accelerated Reader  Program 

Accelerated Reader is a web-based program that tests a student's comprehension of a book.   The library offers incentives to the students who reach certain goals.  The A/R library books for testing have color coded dots on the spine of the book according to grade level. 

                        Kinder & 1st Grade - Orange                       2nd Grade - Green

                        3rd Grade - Yellow                                       4th Grade - Red

                        5th & 6th Grade - Blue                                 7th & 8th Grade - Pink 

The library has the Enterprise Program which enables our students to have access to over 100,000 tests.


Library Policies                        

     1. Library books may be checked out for One Week at a time.  Pre-K 4 students check out one book weekly and the books stay in the classroom and are available to all students in the classroom.

      2.  Kinder and First Grade students check out one book per child every week in addition to checking out accelerated reader books from their teacher which are checked out from the library.  Second Grade through Sixth Grade check out two books every week and may come back for additional books as needed during the week only if they have their books with them which they had previously checked out.

      3.  Students must have their book or books with them at the time of renewal or checking out new books.

      4.  Books may be rechecked three times at a maximum.

      5.  Lost or damaged books must be paid for before checking out more books.  A refund is available if the lost book is returned.

      6.  Kindergarten and the First Grade do not check out books over the Christmas Holidays and the Spring Break.


Book Fair

The library is closed one week in the spring due to the Scholastic Book Fair.  The time varies each year due to the school's schedule.


Library Schedule   





   9:45 -  10:05      

 10:15 -  10:45      

   1: 00 -   1:30     


   10:00 - 10:30     

   10:40 -  11:10    

     1:00 -    1:30    



     10:15 - 10:45            



       9:30 -   9:45   

       9:45 - 10:00