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PTC Officers for 2015 - 2016

  • President - Katie Swafford
  • Vice President - Julie Bundick
  • Secretary - Jamie Fabre
  • Treasurer - Karissa Kocian
  • Principal - LaDonna Voelkel
  • Development Director - Pam Keilers


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News and Updates:

  • If you have the PTC Envelope at home, please return the envelope so it can be reused.



Campaign ID 22449

During the Active Period (through October 12, 2015) the school earns 20% on Schwan's product sales and 40% on eCertificates.  During the Annuity Period (starting October 13, 2015), the school earns 5% on Schwan's product sales.  Customers may order online on the Schwan's Cares campaign page, or by phone via toll free number 855-870-7208 (Option 2).  Existing  Schwan's customers on a designated delivery route may also participate but they must either order online or over the phone for their product sales to contribute to a fundraiser.  The products are delivered directly to the home of each supporter during the time specified at checkout.  Any customer that uses our Campaign ID of 22449 purchases will benefit the Sacred Heart PTC.  The PTC received checks for $441.85 for earnings for the 2014 - 2015 school year and $115.36 for the 2015 - 2016 school year.

Aluminum Can Recycle

This will be held the 3rd weekend of the month and the trailer will be there for one week (in the school parking lot).  Please save your aluminum cans and donate to this worthy fundraiser.


Month Earnings
August 2015 145.40
September 2015 72.00
October 2015 66.00
November 2015 36.00
December 2015 60.00
January 2016 96.00
February 2016  
March 2016  
April 2016  
May 2016  


Papa John's  

Our next Papa John's Fundraiser will be held Septmeber 28th 2016 at the SHS school parking lot. 

Along with three other dates as well :November 9th 2016, January 25th 2017 & March 29 2017.

A bake sale is also held in conjunction with the fundraiser.

The proceeds from the Papa John's fundraisers are used toward the cost of the annual field trip taken by the Sacred Heart Students.

Date Papa John's Proceeds Bake Sale
9/30/15 $810.80 $324.25
12/9/15 $593.20 $443.00
2/16/16   $163.00


Box Tops

Please send clipped box tops to school with your child.  Boxtops are collected and sent in and the school receives funds. Since 2012, we have received $4,491.  The most recent check was for $477.80. Each month three trophies are awarded - the class with the most box tops turned in during the month, the class with the highest number of boxtops per student average and the class with the second highest number of boxtops per student average.  Pictures are taken of the winning classes. Winners are color coded accordingly below.

Class Aug/Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Divin 190 106 3 36 166        
Adamcik 390 0 76 20 126        
Burleson 269 58 3 54 180        
Halamicek 590 88 114 59 327        
Hellums 205 462 78 91 249        
Keilers 391 46 3 70 394        
McKee 4 25 6 177 132        
Ostrander 34 177 128 119 16        
Burgess 0 146 54 10 90        
Zingelmann 126 17 188 136 186        
Total 2,199 1,125


772 2,117        


Labels for Education

Please send clipped labels for education to school with your child.  They are collected and sent in and the school receives funds. You may access a complete list of participating products by using the following link:

Golf Tournament

This year the Golf Tournament is being held on September 7th 2016 at the Frisch Auf Valley Country Club.  

This is an annual tournament held at Frisch Auf Valley Country Club Golf Course.  The 2015 Golf Tournament was held September 16, 2015.   Thank you to all the supporters, volunteers and players.  This was a very successful fundraiser. The tournament had a profit of about $21,000.  This year the golf tounament will be held on September 7th at the Frisch Auf Valley Country Club.  


Fall Festival

October 29th 2016 will be our annual Fall Festival.  

This event is held around Halloween every year. The 2015 Fall Festival was held Saturday, October 31, 2015, at the KC Hall in La Grange.  The festival was successful.  The festival had a profit of about $26,000. Thank you to all the volunteers, chairs, and supporters.  Next year's festival will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

Valentine's Dinner and Dance    heartheartheart

The Valentine Dinner and Dance is scheduled for Saturday February 4th 2017.

The 7th Annual Valentine's Dance was held Saturday, February 6, 2016, at the KC Hall in La Grange. The dinner and dance was well attended and raised about $23,000 for the PTC.  Mark your calendars for the 8th annual dinner and dance which will be Saturday, February 4, 2017.  This year the Valentine Dance will be held on Saturday February 4th at the KC Hall in La Grange.  

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival will be April 9th 2017. 

This event is held around Easter every year. The 2016 Annual Spring Festival will be held Sunday, April 10, 2016, at the KC Hall in La Grange.



  • Monthly Tuition Subsidies - 2015 - 2016 Budgeted Subsidy is about $75,000
  • Monthly Teacher Lunch Subsidy
  • Annual Teacher Room Supply Allowance
  • Annual Field Trip
  • PSIA Dues
  • Christmas Parties