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Hi, I'm Mrs. Divin and I'm really happy to be your child's Pre K-3 teacher!  I will see most parents in the mornings as they drop their children off for school.  If you need something during the day, please contact me at school. 
My email is 
My conference time is 1:45-2:40 P.M.
The school phone number is 968-3223.


The main goal in the early Pre-school years is to build confidence in the child, so he/she is comfortable in school and away from his protective home.  If a child feels safe, loved, and valued, he will venture out confidently to “explore his world.”  The program emphasizes Catholic values with a curriculum designed to develop gross, fine motor, and socialization skills; group interaction and self-expression, as well as language development; and pre-math development.  A different unit topic presents a “theme for the week” which will incorporate age appropriate activities.




Academic Subjects:


Center Time

In Pre K-3, we have three main centers that are utilized for early morning free play.  These are the home center, the block center, and the puzzle center. 

During the Center Time, the children are encouraged to work together in pairs or small groups, to play and talk together.  Through play, they develop their oral communication and vocabulary skills while practicing the art of sharing.

Morning Activities and Group Time

Pre K-3 students start the day with prayer time and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Other morning activities include math, language, theme instruction, and music and movement. 
For math, Pre K-3 studies numbers, colors, and shapes.  This includes number recognition, counting, and finding the number, color, or shape, as well as matching, sorting, and patterning.  There is also "calendar time" for studying days of the week, months of the year, and the date.
For language, Pre K-3 studies the letters of the alphabet.  This includes letter recognition, letter sounds, and words that begin with each letter, as well as a rhyming song for each letter.  There is also often a nursery rhyme that the students can sing and/or act out.
For theme instruction, there are a variety of activities depending on the theme, which include reading books, looking at pictures, music, and role play. 


Circle Time / Work Time

There are various activities at this time, including cutting and gluing projects, practicing counting, number and letter recognition, painting at the easels, finger painting, water coloring, and listening to stories.  The students work also at tables, such as the one shown here.  This table is at the listening center.



Religion is taught daily and the Pre K-3 students attend Mass with the rest of the school on Mass Day.  Currently, Mass Day is on Mondays.  In the daily lessons, there is a curriculum which focuses on "Jesus is my friend" and how the students can incorporate Jesus in their daily lives.  The students learn various prayers such as the Guardian Angel prayer and the Our Father.  They also learn about seasons and Holy Days, such as All Saints Day, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.  In addition, Bible stories are also studied.


Other classroom photos:

The photo to the right shows the "Read-to-Me" caterpillar.  The Pre K-3 "Read-to-Me" program starts with a reading of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.  Just as the caterpillar in that book grows by eating, the caterpillar in the Pre K-3 room grows when the children "read" books.  This includes books read to the children outside of school by their parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, neighbors, friends....really anyone.  Each time ten books are read, a circle is added to the caterpillar in the room with the child's name.  This caterpillar is "hungry" for the children to read and the children love to see it "grow" when they read. 

Shapes, shapes, and more shapes....these are the eight shapes studied in Pre K-3.  They are on the walls of the classroom.

Colors, colors, colors....these eight shapes show the eight of the nine colors studied in Pre K-3.  The other color studied is brown. 

The easels in this picture are used for painting during work time.  The children paint everything from circles and Christmas trees to Easter eggs and spring flowers.

Opposite the easels is the sink where the children wash their hands.  The poster shows the children how to wash their hands carefully to get rid of germs.

Numbers 1 to 10 are studied in Pre K-3.  These pictures help the children associate what the written number looks like with how many objects that number represents, for example, 7 green grasshoppers.




Pre-K 3 Themes 2017-2018
Numbers: 0,
1, 2
Letter: M
Color: Blue
All about me
Shape: Circle

Body parts

Numbers: 1, 2
Counting to 10
Color: Yellow
Five Senses
Shape: Circle
Letters: X, F, S

Johnny Appleseed


Number: 3 Counting to 20

Color: Orange
Christopher Columbus
Shape: Triangle
Letters: A, B, H
Count to 20
Number: 4
Color: Brown
Shape: Triangle
Letters: I, T
Number: 5
Color: Red
    Shape:  Star
Letters: C, J
Winter/Winter animals/quilts
Number: 6
Musical Instruments
Color: White
Shape: Rectangle
Letters: Y, Q, G
Number: 7
Color: Pink
Shape: Heart
Letters: V, U, P
Dr. Seuss’ birthday
Number: 8
Color: Green
Shape: Diamond


Letters: R, D, K


Number: 9
Color: Purple
Shape: Oval
Letters:N, W, E, L


Number: 10
Color: Review
Shape: Review
All about me review
Letters: O, Z, Review







 The daily schedule is basically the same, except that we
 attend Mass every Thursday morning.

7:50-8:30   Opening Activities:
                      Children come to classroom, put away things, and participate in free play.  Children arriving after 8:05 are tardy.  The teacher takes attendance at this time.
                     Center Time:  Free play in the home center, block center, or puzzle center as well as other activities to include fine motor skills, gross motor skills, listening skills, communication and cooperation skills. 
                           (Includes 30 minutes uninterrupted play.)
8:30-8:50     Morning Activities and Group Time:
                           To include calendar, prayer, pledge, morning song, math, language, and theme instruction.
8:50-9:00     Music/Movement/Theme
9:00-9:45     Centers To include hands-on theme work and projects that work on various fine motor skills such as cutting and gluing, as well as various other tasks to reinforce numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.
9:45-10:45   Morning snack/Outdoor play/Restroom 
                           Snack is often in the cafeteria.  Students should bring a LIGHT snack for the morning.  Outdoor Play focuses on gross motor activities.
10:45-11:00 Science/Social Studies
11:00-11:30 Religion
11:30-12:00 Music-Tuesdays/Specials-Other Days
12:05-1:00   Lunch/Recess
1:00-1:30     Language Arts/Nursery Rhymes
1:30-1:45     Prepare for nap and nap time.
1:45-2:45     Nap/Planning/Conference
 2:45-3:15    Snack, story time, prepare for dismissal.
                           Snack is normally in the classroom.  Students should bring a LIGHT snack for the afternoon.
3:20              Dismissal




PreK 3 Schedule

Mrs. Divin

2017 - 2018



Mon., Tues., Wed., and Fri.

Thursday (Mass Day)



Color Page/Restroom


Free Play Centers

Walk to Church (8:15)


Opening Activities/

Language Arts/Math

Mass (8:30 - 9:15)



Walk to the Classroom (9:15-9:30)



Language Arts/Math (9:30-9:45)




Science/Social Studies




11:30 - 12:00

Music-Tuesdays/Specials-Other days


Lunch / Recess


Language Arts/Nursery Rhymes


Prepare for Nap/Restroom




Snack/Story/Prepare for Dismissal




Behavior Chart Colors

Green - I had a great day!  I earned my stamp!

Yellow- I have had several warnings and had a Time Out to think about my actions.  

Red- I have been on yellow and had another Time Out to think about my actions.  I won't get my stamp and my teacher will write a note home about my behavior..

I will begin on GREEN each day.




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